Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flowers Planted in Vintage Crates

Found two beautiful old wooden crates at the antique store this weekend.

Perfect for flowers, right?

I drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom of each crate.
I lined both crates with plastic from cut up garbage bags.
Oh, and I poked holes in the garbage bags for drainage. 
(It doesn't do any good to have drainage holes in the bottom of the crate, 
if the water can't get out of the plastic to drain!)
Used a few old thumbtacks I had in our junk drawer to secure the plastic 
enough to keep it in place. 
Filled with potting soil, and planted!

What's inside this crate: 
purple petunia | sweet potato vine | rosemary | purple pansy | pale yellow petunia

What's inside this crate:
pale yellow petunia | purple pansy | thyme |  | sweet potato vine | purple petunia


Easy project!
I love the character they add to my front porch!


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