Sunday, September 19, 2010

new gold circles necklace {a giveaway!}

I've just added this beautiful new hammered circles necklace to the website. The original Circles necklace in sterling silver has been a great seller, and I love this one just as much. I've been wearing mine all week :)

Want to win one?

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  1. Love the new necklace! But then again you don't make anything that I don't like.
    btw, Eden thinks the necklace you made me is hers because it has her name on it. :)

  2. My son purchased one of your necklaces for his girlfriends. He has passed your website along to alot of his friends! I think he has sent you some business!

  3. I have said so many times that I gives these as gifts and people LOVE them!!! In fact, my Aunt just asked me today to send her the link so she could purchase a few!! Not only did I send her the link but I sure you have a new FB "like" as well!! Keep up th egreat work!!! Christmas is right around the corner!!!

  4. I gave your necklaces as bridesmaids gifts at our wedding and the girls loved them! So did I, so it would awesome to win one! :)

  5. such a beautiful necklace! thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!

  6. beautiful - a perfect gift...for me!

  7. I bought an engraved one for my then 18 y/o daughter - now it's my turn!! Gorgeous Thanks for opp!


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