Friday, January 7, 2011

pastels and procrastinating

In my quest to start doing more artsy and creative things with my daughters, I found this fun and easy little project to make with pastels. Just fold a piece of paper to make 6 squares, then color circles of pastels to fill in each square. Use any color combos you like! It's a pretty piece of art to hang up, and we all worked on it which makes it extra special.

On another note, I am still procrastinating over my new year's resolutions. (I am wincing as I type this out on January 7th.) I have many, many ideas for resolutions, some of them admittedly rather vague, but nothing I've settled on yet. Just as soon as I get the time to sit down with a cup of tea by a window, with no pets or children around, no unfinished work or housework to fret about, no bills to pay, no TV or computer to distract me; in the blissful quiet I feel sure I can work this whole thing out. :D

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