Thursday, February 3, 2011

{things that made me smile today} 1

I had a good day. Here are a few things that made me smile today:

Hearing the pitter patter of my daughter's feet hurrying down the stairs for breakfast. And she was in such a good mood! (So unusual for Aidan to be in a good mood first thing in the morning!) Then she sat at the table with our kitty Sam and talked to me while I worked in the kitchen :D

That's my girl hiding under the blanket, staying cozy on a chilly day.

Sneaking as much salt as she could onto her corn at lunch time.

Sigur Ros playing on my iPod = happy me.

Luna filled our fourth seat at the supper table.

Two things:
1. Gobs of sour cream she dolloped on her beefy nachos.
2. That the shirt she's wearing is actually part of an old Halloween costume. Love that she wanted to wear it to school today :)

What made you smile today?

1 comment:

  1. these picture of Emma & Aidan definitely made me smile. that, and my newly organized pantry.


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