Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make a Cozy Fleece Blanket

Fall is on our doorstep, and around here we've been making some cozy things for the colder days ahead. My daughter made us a warm fleece blanket last week, and we've been snuggling with it every morning and evening as the nights get colder up here in the north. 

Here's a little guide to making one of these super easy blankets. (You can buy these as kits, with the 2 pieces of fleece already cut up for you, but we always pick out our own fleece and cut the edges ourselves.) 

What you need: 2 pieces of fleece, cut to the same size. We bought 1 3/4 yards of a pine cone print for one side, and a beige/tan swirl pattern for the other. The fleece is wide enough to make a nice size blanket at this length.
What to do: Lay your two pieces of fleece fabric out, 1 on top of the other with right sides facing outward, and line the 2 pieces up as closely as possible. Sometimes at this point if one piece is a little longer or crooked I have to do some trimming. Cut approximately 3/4" wide strips around all 4 sides of your fabric, cutting through both layers. The strips should be about 3-4 inches long. I always just eyeball this, and I'm not exact at all. Toward the end, as my hand starts to get tired, my strips always get wider and wider :)
Then tie all the strips together in knots. You take the strip from the bottom layer, and tie it to the strip on top of it. My daughter loves to do this part!
When the strips are all tied together you're done!
Have you ever made one of these blankets?

We have 2 now - this new Fall blanket with pine cones, and a cute Winter snowman blanket that Emma made last year. We're thinking we might make a Christmas blanket for December!


  1. I think that is something even I could sew, thanks for the how-to's!


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