Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Thing Wednesday

One Thing Wednesday – a {new} weekly tradition. A photograph and/or brief description of one positive thing in your life – something that inspires you, that makes you smile, something you want to pass on.
A simple reminder to stay focused on the positive and cultivate a spirit of gratitude.
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Snow Days

On Monday I found myself complaining and grumbling about the forecast of yet another 12 inches of snow to come on Tuesday. 

But then Tuesday morning as I laid in bed extra long and got up to peeked in on my daughters snuggled in their beds, sleeping late on another snow day, I realized how thankful I am for all the snow days we've had this year.

All these snow days have given us a chance to cuddle on the sofa and watch TV on a cold snowy day, to light candles in the evenings and read a book by the fire, to forget about school and work and worries for a day and just enjoy the beauty of the falling snow and the warmth of a hot cup of tea. 

I have so appreciated the chance to just have an unexpected rest on these snow-filled winter days.

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