Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Am I Who I Want To Be?

Lately I've been thinking about my vision of myself, the mental picture I hold in my head of who I am - what I'm like, what I believe in, how I live my life, what motivates me - vs. the reality of the woman I actually am on a day to day basis. Do I really do the things I believe are important? Do I really live by the principles that I hold dear?

And the answer for me right now, is no, not really. That's a hard truth to face, but in a way it feels kind of freeing for me to see it so clearly.

Will I be able to change everything overnight? No. No way. And it will never be perfect. That's part of what makes life a journey. 

But I know I can begin to take steps in the right direction. For me the start is to take inventory of the most important areas, to really take an honest look at how my reality lines up with the person I want to be. And then figure out some ways to start moving in the right direction. 

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