Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Thing Wednesday

One Thing Wednesday – a {new} weekly tradition. A photograph and/or brief description of one positive thing in your life – something that inspires you, that makes you smile, something you want to pass on.
A simple reminder to stay focused on the positive and cultivate a spirit of gratitude.
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A Day Off!

This week I took a day off and spent it with my family exploring in Portland.

I've been really busy lately, carrying a ton of stress and worry, and a to-do list that feels like it will never end. Even though it was tempting to stay home and work, I'm so glad I just took the day to breathe.

Sometimes I forget that those days away from work, seeing and experiencing new things, can allow me to come back to the work with a new perspective and renewed energy and creativity.

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  1. I love days like those... we don't take enough of them do we? I find I'm way more productive after I've taken a break. What about you?


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