Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Frogs!

In the wetland woods around our house, one of the first signs of Spring is the frogs. 

We moved into our house about  year and a half ago, and last March I discovered this wonderful harbinger of Spring. Having never lived in the woods before, it took me a while to figure out what that sound was that I started to hear around the end of March. At first I thought maybe geese had landed on our neighbor's lawn. It sounded like it could be a rowdy group of geese honking and quacking. 

I walked out our driveway to investigate. As I approached the wetland pools lining the driveway, everything went silent, but I saw splashes in the water. Still not knowing what it could be, I decided to sit down and wait. 

I sat still and waited. And waited. And finally I heard a croak. Then gradually more joined in. And eventually I saw a little frog swim up from his hiding place at the bottom of the pool. And as I sat and waited quietly, they all began to come up.

Hundreds of frogs, croaking and hopping all around me. It was honestly one of the most magical things I have ever witnessed. 

This year I was waiting for them, and last week I heard their croaking start. So on a warm day I took a jacket to sit on, and went out to wait for them to surround me with their song of Spring.

I love that I live in a place where I get to witness this coming back to life of the forest after a long winter. And most of all I love that I have to be still to see them. It's not often in my busy life that I have to just sit still and wait on something so wonderful. 

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