Monday, May 13, 2013

Where to Eat : Kennebunkport, ME

All Day Breakfast

OK first of all - technically this little restaurant is in Kennebunk, right across the bridge from the Dock Square area of Kennebunkport, but this area of the 2 towns kind of blurs together since the shops and restaurants that attract so many tourists scatter across the bridge from K'Port and up the other side into Lower Village Kennebunk.

Find It: Super easy to find, with its pretty little sign perched along one of the main roads leading into the shopping area of town.

Park: Although parking can be really dicey in a lot of places around this area during the summer, it's a breeze here in the large attached parking lot.
Crowds: We tried it out for our first time a few weeks ago, early in the Spring, when it wasn't a problem to wander in and easily get a table. Rumor has it that this place gets really packed in the summer tourist months, so I'm glad we made it in before the crowds.
 I had: Eggs Benedict with home fries
Emma had: crepes with strawberry sauce & whipped cream
Aidan had: chocolate chip pancakes
Overall, really yummy food. Nothing fancy that's going to change your world, just reliably good breakfast food, which can be surprisingly difficult to find.

Atmosphere: Casual & laid-back. Great service and friendly staff.
Would we go back?: Yep. But probably not in the busy season. We try to avoid super long lines and crowds :)

All Day Breakfast
55 Western Ave
Kennebunk, ME
M-F 7am-1:30pm
Sa, Su 7am-2pm


  1. I love all day breakfast! My friend says, "It's nothing food your dad would like" :) Are you visiting/blogging about lots of breakfast stops?


    1. Yes! I thought I'd blog about some good places to eat around here, for anyone who might be visiting. And it's fun!


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