Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pondering christmas spirit

{Becoming} Joyful

This December I'm focusing on joy. December is a hard month for me. On the one hand I'm always so excited to decorate, make special treats, spend cozy evenings at home with my family, and make & buy wonderful gifts for my friends and family... On the other hand I'm usually nearing exhaustion before the first week is finished, staying up late working on orders, answering emails, and packaging jewelry to end up under someone else's tree.

So this year I'm starting with a resolve to spend my work time really focusing on work, and my home time relaxing, enjoying time with my family, and generally cultivating the joy of the season :)

(At least until the kids go to bed and I hit the studio again to finish up all those orders!)

Look for some quotes, pictures, ideas and tips
for celebrating the holiday season coming soon!

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