Tuesday, April 26, 2011

flowers on my windowsill

3 reasons why I love grocery store flowers:

1. Buying them doesn't require me to make an extra stop. I'm already at the grocery store a lot - one of the symptoms of my disorganization. I can just grab some prettiness as I walk past.

2. They're cheap. I always head right for the bouquet of a single flower/color more than to the mixed bouquets, and those are usually the 3/$10 or 3/$12 bunches. I just like the simplicity of it. No worrying about arranging. Plop them in a jar and they look effortlessly cheerful.

3. The grocery store usually has mums in a variety of colors, and my cats don't eat those! This is a big deal for me. Any time I try to have a lovely bouquet of tulips or alstroemeria (two of my favorites) my cats act like maniacs climbing all over the kitchen counter just to get up there and munch on them. Then my flowers look pitiful, and I'm mad at the cats. Not good.

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