Saturday, February 4, 2012

big things

Big. News.
I'm opening a shop this spring! It's exciting and, honestly, a little terrifying. 
I found an amazing space with a shop and adjoining work/studio area, surrounded by other artists' galleries & shops (more on that to come), and decided it was time to take the plunge. 

Sooo, I guess it's time for a tour :)

The shop.
Welcome to my future shop! There are lots of little corners and walls, so it's difficult to get a good picture of the whole area...

 Love: the hardwood floors, the gray trim, 
and the double french doors leading to the *deck!* 
Not loving: the yellow walls (although at first I really kinda liked them).
the front door

The kitchen.
The work area has 2 rooms, a largish kitchen and a small back room.
Love: that I have a sink and countertop work area
Not loving: pretty much everything else :)

 Lots of quirks in this kitchen!

The back room.
This is where I will do most of the jewelry making - hammering, stamping, etc.
 Love: the bathroom!! Most of the spaces I looked at didn't have one, and I am thrilled to have a functioning bathroom of my very own. 
Because I have to pee A LOT.
Not loving: the trim paint is peeling/chipping a lot
Lots of funky nooks and crannies in this place.

The bathroom.
OK, it's not the loveliest bathroom, but we can work on that.

Lots to do in here :)

The deck.
And as a nice bonus, my space has a deck on the back.
 In the spring the landlord will clean this up and give it some fresh paint. 

So there it is. As you can see, there is so much to do! I'm a bundle of nerves right now, but I'll never know if I never try, right?

Bought this today for a studio-warming gift for myself. It's perfect. I can't wait to get it and hang it up in my NEW STUDIO!!! 

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