Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day Trip: Wells Reserve at Laudholm

9:30 am. We arrive at Chase Hill Bakery in Kennebunk to pick up some pastries and tea to start our day.
We sit outside in the sunshine to eat. My lemon danish is yummy enough, and Emma loves her blueberry lemon muffin (one of the best I've ever tasted). Aidan picks at her ham & cheese croissant. We have BIG cups of tea, so we hop in the car with them after we've finished, and head West on Route 9 toward Wells.
We arrive shortly at Wells Reserve at Laudholm without getting lost! My children continue to remind me of all the times I've gotten us lost in our new hometown while we park and make a beeline for the bathrooms, which are conveniently located just beyond the parking lot.
It's a beautiful day, so after we look over the trail map, we decide on one that leads to the beach. It was a good decision.
The trails here are easy walks, and once on Laudhom Beach we walk for a while on the powdery-est sand I have yet to come across in Southern Maine. 
The girls settle in for a little playing in the sand, and although we probably ought to get going, they're having so much fun I can't pull them away yet.
After about 20 minutes of digging and sculpting, we're all getting hungry. We brush off as much sand as we can and head back to the trail.
We take a different trail on the way back, and it's even prettier than the first one. But we're getting hungrier by the minute and the girls need to pee, so we hurry along past green ferns, under a canopy of leaves.
We look up a few times and notice signs of Fall arriving.
I take a short side trail to get a peek at the estuaries that are the reason for this place.
Almost just around the corner we arrive at the crowded Maine Diner for lunch. The cornbread muffins are divine. We make plans to come back for breakfast sometime. The menu looks good, and we're always on the hunt for a good breakfast spot.
1:10 pm. This is where our outing sort of derails. We sit for a long time in this line of cars heading into Kennebunkport, and decide to ditch our plans to walk around in the Port today. We don't feel much like braving the crowds and the construction, so we'll come back another day. We live here, after all.

Chase Hill Bakery will deliver to your home!
Read more about Wells Reserve at Laudholm here.
And The Maine Diner has lots of info, including a video from their feature on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"here

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